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Divisions Outlook Setup Guide

Outlook Web App

  1. Please visit https://webmail.divisionsbc.ca/owa
  • This is a good step for checking if your password is up to date and correct.
  • The Login format is DIVISIONS\username (CASE SENSITIVE!)

2. This is also the only place you can change your own password provided that you have a currently working password. Click on the Gear Icon on top right -> Options -> Find General on the left side, expand it -> Click My Account -> Change my password down the middle pane.

Outlook for Windows

  1. Launch the Outlook application. If you have not configured any previous account, you will be asked to enter your full email address. If you already have an account set up in Outlook, go to the File tab and select + Add Account. Click Connect to continue.
  2. You will then be directed to the Advanced setup page. Select the Exchange option.
  3. You should then receive a Windows Security pop-up box. Before entering in your details, select More Choices and Use a different account. Enter your User name as DIVISIONS\username (your username is everything before @divisionsbc.ca, generally first letter of your first name and your last name). Make sure to select the Remember my credentials box.
  4. Click OK to finalize the setup.

Outlook for Mobile

  1. Download the Outlook app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Launch the Outlook app
  3. On the Add Account screen, enter your full Divisions email address and choose Add Account
  4. On the next screen, fill in the following:
    * Password: Your password
    * Server: webmail.divisionsbc.ca
    * Domain: divisions
    * Username: Your username (everything before @divisionsbc.ca)
  5. Choose Sign In

Updated on October 29, 2019

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